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"This poem is dedicated to all mothers who manage to maintain their beautiful smile under various circumstances of life and are determined to pass it on as a legacy to their children."

My beloved son and daughter,

you entered this world with Smiles,

the first language that bridged a connection of affection.

Smile, a tender gesture that you expressed,

multiplied to enlighten your first milestone.

Your Smile created possibilities

and possibilities transformed into abilities.


When you sail across the ocean of milestones enduring waves of

anger, fear, frustration, pride,

embarrassment, disgust, happiness, hate, jealousy and love,

Smile is lost in the tides of these emotions.

But remember,

These waves will subside becoming beautiful ornaments of a meaningful life.

So, embrace them but don’t dwell in them forever.

Breathe and endure through spirit of faith

to find your hidden Smile in the cluster of your emotions.


Smile gives color to your grief,

Smile becomes a symbol of acceptance.

Smile shows you are stronger than yesterday.

Smile anchors your health and harmony.

Then, on your journey of life, greet the world with your gracious smile.

The world will walk with you an extra pleasant mile.

Sarana Parajuli

Illustration credit: Pramsu Parajuli

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Oct 03, 2021

Great bloog you have


Apr 05, 2019

Thank you for your comments Babita and Samjhana.


Beautiful 💞😍😍


Babita Tamrakar
Babita Tamrakar
Apr 05, 2019

Wow beautiful di

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