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Lessons Learned From COVID-19

Babita Tamrakar

Thinking about lesson learnt from Covid-19 would be to have patience in life and live for the present. Don't know how future would be or you would be there for that future. So trying to enjoy however life takes on and just keep moving with little things that matters in life 😍😍

Jyoti Adhikary

life is more flexible than I thought.

People are more creative than I thought.

I am more contained than I thought.

A video call to friends and family holds more value than I thought.

More people appreciate little things than I thought.

Less people forget gratitude than I thought.

Pramila Adhikari

Love all. Serve all. Help ever. Hurt never. Lessons from COVID .

Anima Regmi

Always consider others as well as considering your self in any situation.

Archana Regmi

यो कोविद ले के कस्तो सिकायो कस्ले के शिखे शिखेनन त्यो पछी आउने समय ले देखाउने छ तर अहिले आफ्नो मात्र अनुभव भन्नु पर्‍यो सुरु सुरु मा ओहो लौन अब कसरी बच्ने बचिन्न समय मिलएरा फोन गरी सब को हाल खबर लिने अनि ओहो भए भर को सल्लाह लिने दिने काम खुब भयो तेती मात्र होर कोही बहिरा मास्क बिना हिडे को देखेर कस्ता मनुश्य हरे पनि भनियो अरु को त बिचार गर्नु पर्छ नि कम्सेकम मास्क लगाउँनु नि पनि भनियो चाड पर्व भेला समुह देखेर यो बर्ष केहि गरिन्न होला भन्दा भन्दै आफु ले पनि दशै तिहार को ।पिक्चर समेत फेसबुक मा हालियो ,अब अरु अमेरिकि पर्व आइरहेको छ केटाकेटी को रहर गरिहालिन्छ !समग्र मा भन्नु पर्दा हामी जस्तो घर काम र सुरक्षा बस्ने मा समय मा गयो,वास्तव केहि सिकिएन तर जस्ले जिउ ज्यान अर्पेर अस्पताल मा रहेर आफ्नो ज्यान को भन्दा बिरामी को हेर्चार गर्नु भयो उहाहरु को अनुभव सुनेर केहि सिक्न सकिन्छ कि अथवा सक्छु कि ?

Diptika Khanal

Of the many lessons learned from Covid this one actually sums it all- Find joy in the ordinary!

Sangita Bogati

In my life time, I have gone from need based, simple and minimalist Nepalese lifestyle to gregarious and gigantic American lifestyle. Covid and Pandemic has given me a rude awakening and the time needed to integrate both lifestyles. Time to implement a simple living and high thinking lifestyle. Living in American high life, I was losing in touch with how I was raised and got lost in the hustle and bustle of life,kids,school,work,activities etc etc etc.

Covid has taught me what I have is enough!!!. Minimizing the consumption and work towards reserving and preserving and not always run for quick fix.

enjoy simple things like playing card games with kids, reading and coloring with kids. Sun bathing and eating oranges LOL!!!

Still living my values and being present and grateful!!!

Nita Timilsina

Lesson learned from coronavirus situation : as we used to write essays in school " humans are social animals".

Smarika Sitaula

Lesson learned from pandemic: Helped me identify what is important to me from all artificial superficial things.

Bulu Jamkatel

The Lesson I learned from pandemic is that dealing with uncertainty is how you succeed. I also learned to appreciate everything I have and the people close to me as tomorrow is uncertain.

Sujata Subedi

Money, status, fame and looks have no bearing on what happens to you, nor does it protect you in any way. At the end of the day, we are all susceptible to the same human vices, illnesses and consequences.

Rummy Pant

Some of the best moments during the lockdown include, long walks with my family, night time drives, and sitting outside in the backyard and enjoying the sun. Simple things bring joy.

Rakshya Ghimire

Life is way more flexible than we think.

We can adapt to any circumstance if we don’t have a choice.

How little we need and should be always grateful for what we have , life is precious. The core value of true relationships and human connections.

Life is beautiful and we are the sole reason and responsible to make it worth. Time spent with kids and family is so heartwarming. We always don’t need money to stay busy. There are tons of extra activities apart from studies that we can do together with family to enjoy our days and create great memories together. In fact , we became more creative this year because of COVID.

Kabita Joshi

Only after a couple of months of fresh 2020, whole world got caught in the covid-19 mayhem. It was not easy to live with the covid terror and find hope within. Many families lost their loved ones. Many healthcare and frontline workers went through daily war against covid. They had to work not only in the very stressful working situation, but also had to protect their families. Many had to go through weeks not holding loved one's hand and hugging their lovely kids. It seemed frightening many of the times for myself as being the family of the health care worker. However, simple things also brought the rays of hope. I feel I realized the essence of life to a deeper level than before. I think this unavoidable circumstances might have taught us to be more graceful, humble and appreciative of what we have, which is the "Present Moment".

Pooja Chapagain

Lesson learned from Pandemic:

I learned to be more grateful for every little thing in my life.

Instead of focusing on the quantity of my experiences,the quantity of my material possessions, I learned to be more appreciative of the quality time I spent with my loved ones, the little things in life like going on walks or cooking.

At the end of the day after watching the news and viewing what is going on all around the world, I’ve come to realize that we are blessed with the greatest Gift of all:LIFE.

Kanti Chataut

🦠Pandemic Experience ..

Perseverance, self reflection, family time, optimism, gratitude, reaching out, empathy, friendship & conversation helped us to overcome loneliness, sadness and tragedies.

We all became a better person within our boundaries, and also by appreciating each other’s input.🙏

Walking, biking, 🎼 , 🌺🌷🌹 and frequent garden visitors as 🦋, cardinals, goldfinch 🐤, hummingbirds gave me immense happiness by reflecting as a normal summer.

Completing pushed aside family projects like pressure washing, adding new flower beds felt awesome!

Realization like, “Our own hardships are only a tiny fraction of the whole picture,” calmed us down.

With lots of mixed emotions.. ..hopes.


“ Time is the biggest healer.”

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