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Board Members (2022 - 2024)

Jyoti Adhikary, President

Rummy Pant, Vice President

Pooja K Thapa, Treasure

Leena Shrestha, Secretary

Anima Regmi, BOD

Shreejana Paudel, BOD

Junoo Tuladhar, BOD



Smarika Paudel, Kabita Joshi, Bulu Jamkatel, Reshika Dahal, Smritee Subba

Message From The Founder

I am a happy working mother of three children, but I have felt like I am missing something. I have everything, but I still have a nagging feeling of missing something in my life. I have asked myself if this is all there is. Then I realized that my life has become monotonous doing the same things over and over, and that I have been holding back my true feelings about life in general. I thought to myself that if I feel it this way, then there must be others who feel the same way as well. Slowly, I made some very good close friends. Time spent with them began helping me decompress. It became a break from my regular chores and renewed my energy. I then started to notice that there were other people who were struggling as well. I began to think that I must do something to help others instead of just standing by. I wanted to create a place where we all feel important, loved and safe. With this feeling in mind I started Laliguras - a group chat in Viber. Slowly, Laliguras has become a platform where each of us can freely express ourselves.

When I came to America I realized that we Nepal people are not able to stay together as one Nepali family in this vast country. I also realized that there was some emotional friction between groups of people. Slowly but surely, we are going to be in a social mess if we are not already. I always wanted to start an organization where we all feel equally important and equally responsible. I wanted a platform where women are comfortable to express their feelings and problems.  It is not about who donates more than others, or who is a member of the board, or who has connections. It is all about sticking together and doing common good for all of us, for our generation, for our community and for our country. I wanted to represent an organization where we can solve problems and not just talk about them.


Laliguras is an organization which functions at the local level and is dedicated to inspiring all women to be strong and smart. We are dedicated to promoting healthy life styles, encouraging social involvement and working towards becoming one big family that has a lot to offer.


We are starting with the following:

  • Laliguras will organize Teej Festial once a year.

  • Laliguras will run Nepali speaking activity school once a month.

  • Laliguras will make a donation to a women and children related charity, cause, or other enterprise once a year .

  • Laliguras will organize fundraising events to collect funds for our future projects once or twice a year.

  • Laliguras members will meet once every four months.

 Jyoti Adhikary

What Laliguras Offers


1. Empower

Laliguras is all about empowering and helping others. We don’t affiliate with politics.


2. Share your experience

Our Laliguras members feel comfortable sharing and celebrating small victories in both our personal and professional lives. We love hearing your opinions, thoughts, and ideas.


3. Showcase your talent

When was the last time you performed in front of a large crowd? When was the last time you danced like no one was watching? At Laliguras events, you are encouraged to present your talent with confidence!


4. Get inspired

Laliguras aims to provide emotional support to all of our members. This includes providing encouragement and inspiration to keep doing what we love.


5. Expand your business

At Laliguras, we support local businesses and love to see them thrive. If you are a small business owner or running a startup, you need a lot of contacts. Our large network makes it possible for you to grow your business with us.


6. Community

We have a members only Viber group chat for you to receive community updates.


7. Celebrate success

At Laliguras we celebrate your successes! You can become a role model for other women in the community.


8. Support

We are here to support you emotionally and financially when you need it most.


9. Involvement & Volunteering

Get involved in initiatives that impact our community. We are always actively seeking out volunteering opportunities such as the Nepali School. 


10. Discounted rate

Laliguras members receive a discounted rate on all Laliguras events.


11. Mayalu Maiti Ghar (feel at home with Laliguras)

We are your home far from home. Laliguras has a loving and respectful culture that will touch your heart. No judgment, no biases — only maaya and acceptance.

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