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December 2022: Yomari Punhi:

On the occasion of Yomari Punhi, LaliGuras Nepali American Women collaborated with Newa American Dabu (NAD) and Himalayan Restaurant to organize the Yomari making demonstrations & complementary tasting. Thank you everyone for your support to make this program memorable. 

Here at Laliguras, we believe our culture define who we are and it also shapes the way we interact with others. By being culturally aware, you can build meaningful connections with people from around the world, while improving your own sense of self

December 2022: Nepalese Youth Holiday Mixer : 

Deepa Phuyal and Laliguras Nepali American Women hosted Nepalese Youth Holiday Mixer on December 18th, 2022. 

We had an awesome turnout. We hope everyone had fun, enjoyed the food and learned something new. This event was organized as an opportunity for Chicagoland's young adult Nepalese community to reconnect with one another. Food and refreshments was provided.

We are proud to announce that this program was sponsored by Niraj Pant. We truly appreciate the financial donation he has made to LG. His contribution is definitely a good influence on our community and we are grateful for support from the next generation. While we think about our kids, it’s amazing when they think of us too.

November 2022: LaliGuras named Samata Supporter Organization

Lali Guras Nepali American Women became the Samata Senator during the Maha Jodi Event in Chicago, Illinois on November 6, 2022. Madan Krishna Shrestha and Haribansha Acharya, the well-known artist duo of Nepal felicitated to Laliguras as a new Samata Equality Senator by presenting the pin and a certificate.


Equality Senator is a title, which will be awarded by the Samata Global Senate after it is proven that there is a commitment to equity in the work done. To obtain this senatorial designation, an application is required along with a fee of US $1,000. An Endowment Fund will be established and operated to run the Samata School from the membership fees of Samata Senators.


Samata School is a non-profit organization established to provide quality education to underprivileged students in Nepal with a fee of only Nepali Rs 100.00 (US $1.00) per month for all the grades from nursery to Class 10. Lessons at the school are conducted in English. Samata School has now been expanded into 11 different locations in Nepal. The founder of Samata School is Uttam Sanjel and Madankrishna Shrestha and Haribansha Acharya (Maha Jodi) are the Patrons of this institution.

August 2021: Lali Guras hosted Teez Party for Nepali Women to celebrate festival of Teez outdoor in a park.

July 2021: Laliguras hosted family picnic in a park.

June 2021: LaliGuras team collected donation in the amount of US dollar $1084.00 to help COVID victims in Nepal. The donation went to Dr. Mahabir Pun, National Innovation Centre(NIC). LaliGuras transferred the fund to NAC account. NAC will take care of transferring the money to NIC. Read More.

January 2020: LaliGuras team conducts Nepali School at the temple once a month on an ongoing basis. Read More.

December 2019: LaliGuras team collected and donated over $1100.00 to Pratima Regmi's family in Chicagoland area, for the second time in 2019. Regmi family is going through financial crisis; Pratima Regmi's husband passed away due to health issues. Mr. Regmi was the sole provider for the family and after he passed away the family has been going through hard time financially. The family needed help from the community so LaliGuras family came together to collect money and food items for Regmi family.

August 2019: Lali Guras hosted Teez Party for Nepali Women to celebrate festival of Teez. More

​​​May 2019: LaliGuras team collected and donated over $1200.00 to Pratima Regmi's family in Chicagoland area. Regmi family is going through some health challenge and LaliGuras team Prays for Regmi Family in this time of crisis.

May 2019: Lali Guras team volunteers at Feed My Starving Children

Lali Guras moms and kids spent time together at Feed My Starving Children this morning. These amazing ladies are making a real difference for people around the world. Congratulations to this morning team on their hard work.

March 2019: LaliGuras family Holi Celebration​


2018: Support to ANMF(America Nepal Medical Foundation)


Lali Guras supports ANMF initiation to build Oxyzen Plant in all 7 provinces of Nepal. Members have initiated their support by providing donations to ANMF.

2018: Support to SSDRC(Special School for Disabled and Rehabilitation Center)

Lali Guras members have donated over $1500 to SSDRC in 2018.

2018: Lali Guras Hosted Teez Party For Nepali Women To Celebrate Festival Of Teez

2016: Lali Guras Honored Achievements of Chicago Land Women

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