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My YouTube Channel.

Hello my fellow Laliguras Ladies,

My name is Anita Goshali and I wanted to tell you all how I started my YouTube Channel. I started

this channel (AGoshali) in the middle of Covid-19 Pandemic to reinvent my love for cooking.

During this time, staying safe - staying home was/is the most important thing. Since we were not

going out, meeting people, or having guests over I needed something new to keep up with my passion for cooking. I started making videos while cooking and this is how it all started. Taking videos and sharing with you all, kept me motivated to cook something special every day. I use very simple and easy-to-find ingredients which I believe anyone can easily follow. I also believe that anyone can cook. We just need a little time and will to do it.

Every now and then I may also post some outdoor family/friends’ activities such as hiking, visiting zoo or farms depending on the weather and sessions.

If you like my videos, please like and subscribe to my channel.

Drop comments too to let me know about your views and suggestions.

Here is the link for my YouTube Channel:

Thank you all and stay safe,

Anita Goshali


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