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Simple Things In Life!

As Christmas and the holidays were approaching, I saw some beautiful professional photos of adorable children and their families on social media. These images made me think about some of the wonderful families that I work with and how I would like to offer them an opportunity to take photos of their children and families for Christmas.

I was excited to share this idea with my daughter who is a senior and is studying photography as one of her classes at school. She was equally as enthusiastic about the idea and we planned a small event. So one Saturday morning, a number of families came in for a mini photo shoot and event was successful. The smiles of the children and parents were precious and truly made my day.

Each family was given a digital album of their photos and also some enlargements of their family photo.

The next time I went to visit one of my families, I noticed that they had a beautiful Christmas tree, presents and nativity set. They also had the Christmas photo of their family framed and hung up on the wall. The mother beamed and expressed to me that this was the greatest Christmas present that she could have been given as they didn’t have any of photos of their whole family together. This experience has been very rewarding for me and I have learned that the simple things in life are truly the most wonderful.

Rummy Pant

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