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Lifestyle Change Around Eating

OK ladies food for thought,

1. What we say to our selves and how we say it matters the most 2. I heard someone say that the biggest hospital in the world is our kitchen and that makes us doctors and  surgeons of our family. 3. Food is about nutrition needed for your brain, your immunity and your whole system.  4. Be mindful of using the word "guilt" and "food" together, especially in front of your kids. 5. Love your food - good healthy food, have a good relationship with your food. So eat healthy, eat moderately and when you eat only eat, don't do 10 things while eating. I want to hear from you. What is one thing around food that you can start to change today from your kitchen. Is it no soda, no juice, no sugar, no wheat, no TV at dinner time or unplugging at dinner, lunch or breakfast, allocating time to eat especially when we are at home, more water!!

Would love to hear back from you.

Sangita Bogati (LCPC CAADC)

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