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Lali Guras is a group of Nepali women from Chicago land area who loves to have fun, help each other, help our community, and help our original country, Nepal. Most of us are full time working moms and independent married/unmarried women. Our goal is to take care of our-self first. We believe it is important for a women to take care of herself first in order to take care of her family. Only a happy and healthy mom can make her family happy and healthy. We believe in honesty, integrity and relationship building. We want to have an emotional connection between our members. We believe we will be successful in the community only if our goal is mutual. For a small annual membership fee of 10 dollars, one can join Lali Guras. We meet quarterly (4 times a year) to have discussions on the topics that really interests us. We try to find solutions to the problems raised by our members. We share helpful tips and ideas among us. Lali Guras is our passion not the pressure. We request you to join Lali Guras only if you truly believe in the dogma and policy of Lali Guras.

Lali Guras does not believe in radical feminism, however we want our voices be heard. Some of women among us are very strong and capable of managing lives when our life has ups and downs but some of us need a little help at some situations. Our culture did not taught us to stand up for ourselves in every situation that mattered us. We can easily give up our dreams for the good of our family members and others. We don’t want to fight for our rights because if we fight we can be considered to be the bad women. We don’t speak up when our rights were violated because we did not experience our mothers or grandmothers speaking up at right time. We think if we say something that we think is right, people may not like us. Our mind should be free from these types of unnecessary and discouraging thoughts that keep us in dark and make us weak. Whereas people like us or not, defending one-self should not be an issue today.

Lali Guras members help and inspire each other to become better communicators. Most of us are not comfortable to raise our hand first or come forward and speak. Most of us don’t show case our talent. Most of us feel like we know nothing. Coming from Nepal, many of us are still uncomfortable speaking in English, but we don’t feel confident that English is our 2nd language and it is ok to make some mistake while speaking. Not need to feel helpless and overtly conscious about it. Not one person is good at everything or perfect, but everyone is good at something. Not everyone believes in same thing but we all believe in something. When we share our strengths, knowledge and skills it can help to empower others. If fact, internet is answers to our questions but listen to someone from same cultural back ground, same native country might be more effective. Lali Guras organizes talk programs during our meetings. Each of our meetings will include 1 to 2 prepared topics that has specific objectives.

Lali Guras makes its members feel welcome and valued within our group to reach a shared goal. Our cultural herirage is an identity that can be introduced to the world. Lali Guras is committed to organize Nepali festivals like Teej, Holi, and Nepali New Year celebrations every year in a very traditional way to protect our Nepali culture. We have different volunteers for different festivals. Lali Guras believes in promoting young generations to play an active role in our community programs.

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