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Projects - 2020

During Covid 19 pandemic, Laliguras Nepali Pathshala kids participated in a 2020 summer project with a variety of activities. Students were asked to read Nepali, write in Nepali, sing Nepali songs, dance in Nepali songs and draw or color Nepal related materials. A total of 11 students participated in the project. All the kids who contributed were awarded with a McDonald's Happy Meal gift card, and stickers. They also received certificate of participation. Project was organized and evaluated by Nepali Pathashala volunteers Kanti Chataut and Jyoti Adhikary. Our sincere thanks to participating kids and parents.


Name of the participants : Rasik Panta, Avah Shrestha, Anira Acharya, Crisha shrestha, Ruby Phuyal, Reeva Baral, Arvik Baral, Aadhya Subedi, Saurya Subedi, Prayaan Acharya, Prisha Joshi

Besides all summer activities, here are some videos and pictures from kids book reading club. This is an ongoing activity by LaliGuras team.



Donations Received(2019)
K. Joshi($200)  S. Adhikary($100)  P. Adhikary($25)  A. Das($101) S. Thapa($100)  S. Mishra($51)  R. Baral($102)  S. Subba($15)  A. Das($1)   Fund Raising in a Private Party($120)
Total = $815.00(As of September, 2019)

Learn Nepali Alphabets,Language and Culture

LaliGuras started Nepali School in Chicago land area on April 6, 2019. The school operates at Radheshyam temple, Bloomingdale IL, on the first Saturday of each month (monthly pooja day).


School starts promptly at 11AM. Our goal is to make Nepali learning a fun experience for the children with lots of interactions while teaching them Nepali culture and values.


We start with Nepali speaking, storytelling etc; we interact  by incorporating music, dance, pictures, videos, etc. in our teaching. 

Art and Craft Projects

Ever since the Laliguras Ladies started Nepali Pathshala to help children learn Devanagari (Nepali) script, kids seem to be excited about the overall package of the school.

Learning/ writing alphabets has been supplemented by the ARTS & CRAFTS section of LG.

Owning the pieces that they have worked on is great fun for them.

They are getting aware of their culture in an interesting way through creativity and it has a full support of parents.

At the end of almost every class,

Kids ask .....
What are we doing next ?
Are we coming next weekend?

They put a big smile on LG ladies!!

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