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COVID-19 pandemic is becoming increasingly stressful, anxiety provoking and overwhelming for most of us. All of us are stuck in the house for the most part. I am with you on this one.My husband is working from home and keeping up with the demands of parenting while working. Can’t top that right and I am sure most of you are on the same boat.We are all responding to it differently and there are several factors that impacts it like age, economic status, gender and occupations. It is also noted that healthcare professionals are at increased risk of moral injury and other problems when dealing with challenges of the covid-19 pandemic.

As a parent, we have similar challenges. For our children, kindergarten through college age kids who are doing the e-learning. It is a huge adjustment. Unemployment is another issue. Lock down and shortened hours are causing financial issues or financial strain . Being stuck in the house means less ways cope of manage these stress and it becomes another crisis on its own.

I am Licensed Clinical Professional Therapist. I would like to extend an invitation (virtual off course) if you need support or counseling. Please call me at 331 256 7776.   

Sangita Bogati


LaliGuras Zoom Q&A meeting with Dr. Chandra Chataut


Dr. Chandra Chataut has been working with the Cook County Health System for over a decade and he is currently on the COVID-19 unit. On April 7th, 2020 evening, Dr. Chataut was available for an hour to answer questions and concerns from LaliGuras members regarding the Coronavirus.

A total of 31 LaliGuras members were able attend the call and participate via zoom meeting. The LaliGuras members' feedback after the meeting was overwhelmingly positive. We greatly appreciate front line workers like Dr. Chataut and the many others around the world helping through these hard times. Your around-the-clock dedication to this community is inspiring.

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